Why You Might Need A Parasite Cleanse

For most people, when we think about parasites we think about bugs on animals or weird horror movies, but humans can get parasites as well. Many of the symptoms of parasitic infection in humans mirror those of other conditions, making it hard to understand when you need to perform a parasite cleanse. Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms to help determine if you need to think about a cleanse for yourself.

1. Weight Issues

Generally speaking a parasite is going to create a situation where your weight is thrown off balance and you can’t seem to control it through normal means. This can sometimes be via getting too skinny, but usually it’s in the form of excess weight gain. Parasites eat the nutrients that we consume, making us hungrier and leaving behind the worst parts of the food. Many people with parasites find that they are unable to stop eating and that their belly gets distended, almost like they are suffering from starvation even if they are eating well.

2. Sleep Issues

Parasites disturb the natural balance of the body, making it harder to function. This can make you over tired and force you to sleep for many hours at a time. Many people think they are just depressed or sick, but it’s actually the body trying to fight off an invader. In other cases people find that they were unable to sleep due to weird feelings in their body or because of histamine responses which are stronger at bed time.

3. Pain Issues

Parasitic infection can be very painful and can happen anywhere in the body. While the stomach is the most likely, cases have been recorded in the brain, hands, feet, and inside the throat as well. Parasites that burrow into the flesh leave behind large amounts of pain and itching as the body tries to heal itself. Some parasites attack the nervous system, causing pain across large portions of the body.

As you can see, the symptoms for parasitic infections can be very different between individuals, but they all boil down to something being wrong with the body. If you feel off balance and think that you might have been infected, undergoing a parasite cleanse is a good way to get back control of your body. A huge number of people have at least a minor parasitic infection, so a cleanse is a good idea even if you aren’t completely sure.