4 Signs That You Might Need An Optometrist Safford AZ


Your eyes are essential. Making sure they stay healthy should be a priority. If your eyes are causing you problems, you might need to see an Optometrist Safford AZ immediately. Here are four different signs that mean you need to see one. 

Recurring Headaches

Although many things can cause headaches, eye health is one of the main factors. A headache might mean you need prescription glasses or that you have eye strain. It might also mean that you might have astigmatism.  Long hours in front of the screen can also cause headaches. However, more severe problems like eye alignment and glaucoma can make your head pound, too. Whatever the reason might be, you must rest your eyes after long working hours. Of course, eye checkups are highly recommended because experts can help you figure out what’s wrong. 

Blurry Vision Or Frequent Squinting

One of the most common signs of bad eye health is blurry vision. While it’s a sign that you need eyeglasses, some doctors prescribe drops, pills, or even surgery. Frequent squinting might also be a problem. We do it subconsciously to help us see better, but it will not permanently solve your blurry vision.  It’s best to go to an eye doctor to get a complete eye checkup. Seeing an optometrist Safford AZ can help you with your concern.

Floaters, Spots, Or Flashes

Floaters are the spots you see that may look like black or gray dots, strings, or webs. They move with your eyes, too. While floaters don’t pose a threat, they can also be a problem.  Although many people have them, a sudden increase in your eye floaters can mean bad eye health. Floaters might be a sign that your retina is torn, bleeding, or detached. Light flashes and dark shadows in your peripheral vision can also be a sign of retina problems. Problems like these are best fixed right away so that treatment doesn’t become complicated.

Eye Pain

Pain, of course, means something’s wrong with your eyes. Eye pain is never normal, and it could mean you have severe eye problems, including glaucoma, and worse, blindness. If your eyes hurt, get an appointment with an eye doctor immediately. 


These are just some of the signs that you need to see an eye doctor. Worse problems can occur if you don’t get your eyes checked immediately. Get checked by an optometrist Safford AZ as soon as possible. If you happen to live in Safford, Arizona, you might want to make an appointment with Desert Family Vision Center.