5 Amazing Teeth Whitening Tips From Your North York Dentist

Everyone wants to have whiter teeth, but not a lot of people really make the effort to achieve this sparkling goal. Your North York dentist, thought, wants to make sure you know how to get your teeth their whitest and brightest, without ever compromising your health.

These five teeth whitening tips from the trusted professionals at North York dentist will keep your teeth strong and healthy, while getting them as pristine as possible:

1. Use A Whitening Toothpaste


A mild toothpaste with whitening ingredients can help to scrub away existing stains and to prevent new ones from forming, too. Be careful with whitening products, though, as you don’t want to use too many at once or any one for too long.

Your dentist knows which toothpastes work best at whitening and which ones unfortunately contain too many harsh ingredients which can be brutal on your mouth, particularly if you happen to have sensitive gums.

2. Try Natural Foods When You Can’t Brush

Eating a stalk of celery with dinner or after lunch will help to clean your teeth before you can get to a brush. A carrot or an apple in your lunch bag will also do the trick and they also make an excellent snack for your kids while they’re at school, so don’t forget to pop the healthy, crunchy foods in the lunchboxes as well.

3. Chew A Sugar-Free Gum To Clean And Freshen

Chewing gum can help to dislodge things stuck in between your teeth and many studies show that chewing a sugar-free gum can keep your teeth healthier. If you’re not sure, ask your dentist for their best recommendation.

4. Rinse To Get Teeth And Gums Extra Clean

A healthy rinse works to remove food particles stuck between teeth, but it cleans away potentially harmful bacteria as well. Bacteria is the root of decay, so you want to take the extra steps to remove it.

5. Enjoy More Dairy

Dairy foods rich in calcium can help keep your teeth white and strong, plus they’re also good at keeping your insides healthy as well. Enjoy low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese, to get the recommended amount of daily calcium.

Keeping your teeth healthy should be your top priority with oral care, but since you want them to be white and beautiful, too, you need to go the extra mile to get that amazing smile.