Pros And Cons Of Giving Babies Up For Adoption

Many people who have experienced parenthood will tell you that it is not a bed of roses. So daunting is the task that some parents, mostly single parents opt to give the babies up for adoption although reluctantly. Surrendering a baby is not a decision you make in an instance neither is it an easy decision. It is a life-changing decision.

No sane human being will give up their child and not feel a thing. The emotional bond between an offspring and its parent is very strong even in animals. This explains why some get into legal battles in order to get back their children. Giving babies up for adoption has its pros and cons. It is difficult to say which side outweighs the other.

Better Life For The Child

Parents usually want the best for their children even if it means giving them up. Sad and painful as it may be, they believe the child has a chance to enjoy a higher standard of living and the opportunities that come with it with their new family. Another advantage is the satisfaction they get by helping decide who gets guardianship of the child. Through this process, the biological parent can enjoy some security over the type of family that the baby is being adopted.

Feelings Of Regret And Resentment

To begin with, the biological parents experience a deep sense of loss and are left feeling empty. Some individuals may continue to be haunted by the decision to surrender their babies for adoption for years on end. Also, adoptive children may develop resentment for their biological parents as they grow. Some adoptive parents may influence this situation hence the biological parents should brace themselves for this kind of risks when they choose to give up their baby. The child might also get developmental issues due to their poor link with the biological parents and difficulty in adapting to the new environment. Some patience and a loving family can be the ideal remedy for this kind of situation. It’s important to note that adoption is a lengthy process and could even take years before it is finalized. Patience is key in this sort of situation from both the adoptive and biological parents.

Giving babies up for adoption is a sensitive issue and could be advantageous or disadvantageous to all concerned parties. It is a matter that should be handled by the right people in the right way. Concerned parties should focus on what’s best for the kid.